Michael Murphy Leadership, performance and collaboration have been the themes of Michael Murphy’s 20 year telecom career. Murphy brings over 15 years of sales and management experience to NEF, with 13 years working directly with dark fiber, high capacity optical networks and data centers. He has extensive first-hand experience with network planning, design and implementation as well as forming and cultivating strategic alliances and C-level vendor relationships throughout the nation.

As president at NEF, Murphy is responsible for the strategic growth of the company as well as optimizing the performance of NEF’s four business units: consulting, asset sales, brokerage solutions and NEF’s rapidly growing FiberLocator platform, the fiber optic maps research database cataloging high capacity optical providers and data centers. Murphy has negotiated contracts and facilitated deals with nearly all the major national carriers and has successfully developed regional assets to round out NEF’s service offerings. He brings his experience working with numerous Fortune 1000 companies as well as small outfits to offer diverse and inventive strategies for any size business. He leads NEF with an emphasis on personalized service for each client and a solutions-based approach to network planning.

Quickly realizing the need in the market to access detailed fiber maps for both metro and long-haul networks, Murphy launched FiberLocator, which has become one of the most comprehensive mapping resources for identifying dark fiber and lit services. Additionally, BuildingLocator was developed to catalog lit buildings across the US, and now provides information on over 310,000 lit buildings. Because high capacity networks often touch data centers, Murphy has recently spearheaded the addition of data center site locations, solidifying FiberLocator as the go-to site for identifying and selecting a data center and network solution.

Murphy is a frequent industry speaker and panelist and is a member of COMPTEL as well as the Colo Consortium. His articles have been published multiple time in trade publications such as Phone+. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.